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SRV Construction has a reputation and proven history for taking on some of the most challenging infrastructure projects in the Pacific Northwest. With our experience, dedication and capability, we complete many projects ahead of schedule. We perform the majority of our work as a General Contractor, due to our proven track record of being able to meet project commitments. Our self-performance capability in various disciplines enhances our ability to manage and direct project costs, schedule and overall construction quality.

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SRV Construction

Structures are only as stable as the ground on which they stand. Virtually all land development involves modification of the ground surface by grading — the excavation, hauling, and placement of rock or soil material — to create building pads, roadways, and earthen structures. Grading can improve soil conditions, such as when landslide masses or zones of collapsible soil are removed and replaced with engineered fill, but poor grading practices can create soil stability problems where none existed before. Earthwork includes not only the creation of graded surfaces and slopes but also the construction of dams, levees, landfill liners and caps, and other earthen structures.

SRV Construction has a grading team that is capable of fine grading and mass excavation for extensive earthwork projects. Our extensive experience and our grading team are capable of performing mass parking lot excavation, BMP excavations and utilize our experience / expertise for fine-grading projects to the tightest of tolerances. In these current times its important to minimize and balance the earthwork to meet tight construction budgets and schedules.

SRV Construction has developed several unique methods on a variety of grading and earthwork projects ranging from the construction of residential tracts, to schools, industrial buildings and commercial projects. Whether your project calls for scraper spreads, track-hoe excavations, loader excavations, on-road or off-road hauls, SRV Construction can handle the job.

Public Utilities

SRV Construction

SRV Construction specializes in underground utility construction, civil/site work construction, and excavation. SRV Construction has extensive experience in the installation of sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water transmission pipelines, street construction, reinforced box culverts, earth and rock excavation, pump stations, channel and storm drainage improvements, poured-in-place concrete, rip rap placement, and demolition.

SRV Construction's underground utility crews have successfully completed numerous projects for private developers, as well as local municipalities, various state agencies, and private companies in heavily populated urban areas. Our firm performs in all types of underground utility construction, including:

  • Water/Sewer
  • Underground BMPs
  • Underground Excavations for Large Structures
  • Subdivision Utility Infrastructure

SRV Construction has the capability of installing sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water mains of all sizes. We install sanitary sewers, from shallow service laterals up to twenty feet (20’) deep trunk lines.This installation includes sanitary manholes, cleanouts and provides the necessary testing to complete a new system.

We install reinforced concrete storm sewer mains, up to eight-nine feet (8-9’) in diameter, along with manholes and drainage structures of all sizes and depths.

Streets and Highways

SRV Construction

Street and highway construction and rehabilitation is acore business of SRV Construction. After nearly three decades in this industry, we are one of the Northwest's leaders in rehabilitation for streets and highways.

SRV Construction has earned a great reputation, and we have a proven history for taking on some of the most challenging street/highway projects. With our experience, dedication and capability, we have successfully completed many projects ahead of schedule.

Lift Stations / Pump Stations

SRV Construction

SRV Construction has built many lift stations and pump stations, most of which are either adjacent to or actually constructed in navigable waterways. Many of these serve as raw water intakes, which take water from a lake or river and pump it to a water treatment facility for treating and converting to potable water for consumption.

Other types of Pump Stations that pump potable water are high service pump stations and booster pump stations, which serve to pump water from the water plant and to maintain or increase the amount of pressure in a distribution system.

Additionally, SRV Construction has constructed many influent pump stations, which are typically high flow pump stations associated with waste water treatment. Other types of Pump Stations we have constructed include flood control pump stations that dewater flood-prone areas during flood events.